Making Sense of Security Intelligence

We’re seeing many companies reporting their 2017 security posture, all with warnings about impending security threats. Depending on which research article you read, advice regarding the best way to protect your sensitive corporate information will be skewed towards whoever funded the study.  That is partially due to money influencing the outcome, but it also speaks to the complexity of protecting against the many types of vulnerabilities that exist. Each vendor has an opinion on how they can protect you. The most successful protection systems are built with multiple tiers, so even with a single vendor, figuring out where to focus your attention is a challenge.

Every recommended protection scheme describes a solid exterior, active threat monitoring, malware protection, and robust intelligence generated from the multitude of data sources available. Each of these plays a part in the overall solution, but it’s clear that intelligence is the failsafe. Inevitably, if a determined attacker wants to bypass the standard solutions, they will do it. At that point, the challenge becomes how to identify and stop them, and the key to that is your ability to understand all your data. Many, if not most, solutions are designed around expert interpretation of one type of data. This is like a person becoming an expert at “hearing things”, while not developing their other senses.

At Collective Sense, we’ve come to understand that multiple senses used in combination are worth more than the sum of their individual contributions. The trick is to combine them the right way. We have mastered the ability to integrate (not merely add) every imaginable “sense” when it comes to detecting and stopping hackers. With our powerful machine/deep learning capabilities, we can turn information into intelligence.  Not only will our solution stop hackers for you, but we’ll give you the ability to dig into the data to figure out what happened and how it can be prevented in the future. We will also be happy to provide the defensive training you need to make sure all your activities are directed towards the goal, protecting your valuable assets.