Welcome to the Collective

Welcome to the first blog post of Collective Sense!

The goal of this blog is simple: we will use this space to share our thoughts on the state of network security and performance, and what we are doing about it. As you can imagine, we will tell you about our motivations, our work, and our approach. But we won’t stop there. We will also highlight events and trends that are not about us. These will be items that have caught our attention, and that we think you will want to know about.

We will endeavor to deliver content that is interesting, concise, and useful. To do this, we will use simple, direct language. We will translate industry jargon. Some things really are complicated, but many just sound that way. We will help you cut through the noise.

We work very hard at Collective Sense to gather data from as many sources as possible, and our blog is no different. We look forward to your insights and feedback, and encourage you to engage with us through email, at [email protected]. There is no point in gathering data without using it, so we read everything.

Our privacy rules are simple:

  • We will not publish anything that you send us without explicit permission from you.
  • We will never share your message, name, or email with anyone outside the company.
  • We won’t change these rules.

We look forward to seeing you here often. Thank you for reading!