Collect & Store

Acting as network DVR:

We Collect All Relevant Information

  • SNMP polling
  • SNMP traps
  • Packet Headers
  • Full packet capture
  • NetFlows
  • Log files
  • Delays
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Many other data sources

We Store

  • Over a million events per second per node
  • In a highly performant big data store
  • Optimized for distributed analytical models
  • Handling distributed locations

Analyze & Understand

Correlation Engine

  • Pinpoints the exact location of network issues
  • Links extensive data sources to issues by relevant characteristics
  • Provides context to determine the root cause

Machine Learning that

  • Teaches systems to identify anomalous behavior patterns
  • Incorporates user-behaviour anomalies
  • Clusters network devices on behaviour patterns
  • Creates curated central repository with collaborative learning


Real-time Analysis

Apply Machine Learning to:

  • Stop known, zero-day, and insider attacks
  • Identify anomalous user behavior to protect against inside vulnerabilities
  • Generate rules to immediately block the unwanted access
  • Eliminate false positives which lead to the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” effect


Visualization Engine

  • Tying together all network information in one UI, making problem solving possible
  • Designed with the domain experts in mind
  • Display relevant information in a purpose-built, interactive visualization package
  • Fully distributed application to find any data from any location at any time past or present