Let Your NOC & SOC Identify and Resolve Root Causes, Not Symptoms

Unrivaled Network Knowledge

For any size network

We have built a set of collectors that capture real-time data from a multitude of sources, such as NetFlows, Span port, Logs, SNMP, QoS, delays and many others, allowing us to describe the behavior and performance of your network.  When we put everything into context, you will clearly see what is working well and where attention is needed.

Summary of capabilities:

  • Collect and correlate all data to uncover existing issues – All network, device, user, security and application information is collected to allow for powerful correlations
  • Show real-time performance data – See what your users are doing and the performance they are experiencing before they call with an issue
  • Investigate security issues that would otherwise go unnoticed – Identify all types of security issues, from APT to insider attacks to ransomware
  • Identify device dependencies – Trace the resource chain required by applications on your network to see where issues are occurring
  • View user, application, device and network information all tied together – Troubleshoot any type of issue without the use of multiple, unconnected systems

Expedited Issue Resolution

Powered by Machine Learning

With all the data available, identifying and resolving issues becomes much easier. Our correlation engine, based on machine learning models, will automate your root cause analysis, finding the solution to issues and helping to guard against future problems.

Summary of capabilities:

  • Fully integrated system to improve issue resolution – With all network, device and performance data available, solving problems has never been easier or faster
  • Show real-time data as network situations occur – Identify issues as they occur instead of needing to run reports and perform hours or days of research
  • Behavioral analysis to uncover unknown activities – Keep track of what users and network devices are doing to identify potential security issues
  • Automate comparison of cause and effect information to pinpoint issues before they become major problems – Uses Machine Learning and advanced analytics to identify actual root causes for performance and security issues
  • Reduced Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) issues – Expedited problem resolution, leading to improved MTTR and network up-time

Integrated, Customizable, and Flexible User Interface

Allow users to see all data at one time

  • Most Innovative User Interface on the market – Fully dynamic, customization-ready by default – perfect for SoC/CSIRT team customization. Built on the latest Web technologies. Low-latency web socket communication. RBAC multi-user features
  • Full integrated search using our custom query language engine
  • Built-in issue tracking workflow or integrate with any existing ticketing system
  • Standalone solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud